Naruto Shows Off What Boruto's New Anbu Generation Can Do

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations showed off what the new generation of Anbu shinobi can really do with the newest episode of the series! The anime is now currently experiencing the immediate fallout of the Isshiki Otsutsuki invasion, and to help the Hidden Leaf Village feel more at ease after such a major event, Naruto and the village are holding a new set of Chunin Exams to help promote more leaders and get more experienced fighters out in the field. Serving as both a public way to strengthen their forces, and test the young ninja, the final phase of this exam is a tournament. 

The newest episode of the series kicked off a one on one tournament where the Chunin Exam finalists will be facing off against one another for the chance at becoming a Chunin. The most curious finalist in the group was Houki, a member of Team 25 that has been in the midst of secret Anbu missions and trained by Sai. The newest episode of the series made good on this tease by revealing the kind of skills that the new generation of this top secret mission shinobi are really capable of. 

Episode 223 of the series kicks off the first round of the Chunin Exam Finals Tournament and it's between Houki and Inojin. Inojin had been nervous because there's very little they know about Houki's skills, and only knew that he had been training with Inojin's father and supposedly doing some missions for the Anbu. This is revealed to be the case as Houki far outclasses Inojin in the fight with a quick covering of the ground through some intelligent uses of earth jutsu, and an even more impressive skill, a photographic memory. 

It's revealed in the episode that Houki actually has a photographic memory and is able to quickly figure out where Inojin is hiding. Inojin tries to use his Mind Transfer jutsu, but it's revealed that Houki (and the rest of Team 25) have gone through the brutal Anbu training to the point where these mind techniques no longer have any effect on them. Houki then breaks out of the Mind Transfer jutsu with ease, and wins the first round of these finals to become a Chunin. 

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