Boruto Reveals Team 7's Dreams for the Chunin Exams

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is taking the opportunity to diverge from the Kara Organization Arc, which is still running in the pages of Masashi Kishimoto's manga with Code seeking revenge for his fallen master, with Team 7 currently once again entering into the Chunin Exams. While much less dangerous than their battles against the likes of Jigen, Boro, Delta, and the other members of Kara, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki have taken the opportunity to discuss what they hope to accomplish in the current exams that offer Genin the opportunity to rise the ranks in the ninja world.

Boruto starts things off in the latest episode of the series, explaining what he is hoping to accomplish in these latest rounds of the Chunin Exam:

"I've been through all sorts of experiences. I want to show my dad and everyone else how much I've matured since the last Chunin Exam, and that I've become more than strong enough."

Making light of Boruto, Sarada also offers her thoughts on what she hopes to accomplish during these latest tests:

"It's true, the Chunin Exam is important, but this is just one of many milestones ahead of us. My goal is to become Hokage, after all."

Surprisingly enough, Mitsuki also expresses his desire to pass the Chunin Exam, though isn't seeking to prove his strength to onlookers or become the next Hokage by any stretch of the imagination.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the lowkey scene wherein the members of Team 7 were able to chat with one another about what they are hoping to accomplish during these latest tests, offering fans of the Shonen franchise a scene that never appeared in the pages of the manga and further explores the next generation of ninjas:

Currently, in the pages of the manga, Boruto and Kawaki are busy fighting against the new leader of Kara, Code, though it might be quite some time before we see this battle play out in the anime. With the manga only being slightly further along than the anime, it might be years before the anime once again follows the story of its source material, though if these new Chunin Exams are any indication, the television series might not need to worry about weaving new tales. 

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