Boruto Director Teases How 'Amazing' Episode 204 Will Be

Boruto Uzumaki may have gotten a lot of flak back in the day, but the hero is starting to get all the recognition he deserves. Despite those who measure him to his dad, Boruto is thriving in the manga and anime these days. And now, one director wants fans to get hyped for the next episode of Boruto.

The message comes courtesy of Masayuki Koda, the current director of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The artist took to Twitter to celebrate the release of this week's episode, and he went on to tell fans that next week will be a special treat.

"Check out today's [episode of] Boruto," Koda wrote. "It may seem short, but next week's Boruto might just be amazing?!"

As you can see, Koda has something special planned for next week, and that does bode well for fans. After all, Boruto doesn't often surprise fans with its art, but it does try to go above and beyond when the time comes. If you will remember, Naruto and Sasuke's battle with Momoshiki marked one such moment, so another could be on the way.

As for Boruto, you can catch up on the anime right now at Crunchyroll along with Naruto: Shippuden and original anime. The manga is also available in English though Viz Media if you want to read ahead. The series is updated monthly, and new chapters of Boruto can be read online through Viz's Shonen Jump vault.


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