Naruto Synopsis Teases One Villain's Regenerative Secret

Team 7 has a dangerous mission ahead of them, not just in attempting to save the Seventh Hokage [...]

Team 7 has a dangerous mission ahead of them, not just in attempting to save the Seventh Hokage from the grasp of Jigen following the handicap match between Naruto, Sasuke, and the leader of Kara, but also thanks to their upcoming confrontation with the cult leader known as Boro. With each of the members of Kara holding insane power at their disposal, it seems as if Boro is holding a unique power close to his heart that will spell some serious trouble for the new incarnation of Team 7 in Boruto, Mitsuki, Kawaki, and Sarada, the new leader of the group.

The battle between the new Team 7 and Boro has just begun, but Konoha has rarely been in such a predicament, with even Naruto's power seemingly being unable to bring down the leader of Kara in Jigen. Thanks to the scientific work by the head of Kara's research and development branch, Amado, the nefarious collection of ninjas have been able to develop the mysterious energy known as Karma, as well making insane modifications to their bodies that give them a leg up in any battle they encounter. While Naruto was able to defeat Delta in a one-on-one fight earlier in the Vessel Arc, it's clear that Boro is going to be a whole different story in his battle against Boruto and his friends.

Boruto Team 7 Boro
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The description for both Episode 206 and 207 both hint at Boro's regenerative abilities, spelling some serious problems for Team 7 despite their newest addition in Kawaki:

"Episode 206 - In order to rescue Naruto, Boruto and the rest go to another dimension. After struggling to control the virus, it appeared they had defeated him with their cooperation, but Boro's body which should've disappeared got regenerated...!?"

"Episode 207 - With the addition of Kawaki, the new Team 7 cooperate to counterattack Boro. However, Boro's astounding regeneration powers resurrect him!?"

The Kara Organization is looking to pick up where the Akatsuki left off, specifically when it comes to continuing the mission of the celestial ninjas known as the Otsutsuki. With these villains harboring the power of Karma, it's clear that there is still far more we don't know about the energy that is fueling Jigen and his teammates.

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