Boruto Shares First Details for its Next Ending

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has shared new details for the anime's next big ending theme sequence! The anime is now in the midst of a string of original arcs in order to give the manga more time to develop its story beyond Isshiki Otsutsuki's invasion of the Hidden Leaf Village, and that means the the staff behind the series is now able to experiment more with the opening and ending theme sequences attached to the series. Many endings in the past haven't been directly connected with the events of the series, and that means we have seen way more of them than new openings.

As the series readies for its next ending theme, the official Twitter account behind Shueisha's V-Jump magazine has revealed new details for what fans can expect. Serving as the 20th ending theme for the anime overall, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations's next ending will be performed by This is Japan. Although it has yet to be revealed what the title of the new ending theme will be, it has been confirmed that it will premiere some time in April. There's just no confirmed date or episode set for the new ending's debut just yet, however. 

The anime is currently exploring a new arc where Boruto and the others (which includes Kawaki as an official part of the team as he's now become an official Genin), take on a series of pirates that are continuing to grow in number and threat as the episodes continue. While the series is making use of the developments seen in the previous arc and has moved the characters forward in some notable ways such as making Sarada Uchiha and official Chunin, it's likely going to be quite a while before the series returns to its adaptation of the manga's events. 

The manga is still working through the fallout of Isshiki's invasion, and has put the finishing touches on the follow up arc with the newest chapter of the series. It will be continuing its path forward into the future for some time, so it might not be until 2023 or so that we'll see more of the main story moving forward. But at least fans will get to see all kinds of new stories and events that the manga could never cover! 

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