Naruto Explains How Kara Amassed Its Ninja Tech Stockpile

The Kara Organization has done a fantastic job that was left by the Akatsuki when it comes to creating an insanely powerful villainous organization for the Hidden Leaf Village to take on, and it seems as if a recent interviewer from one of the creative minds behind Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has revealed where the group lead by the mysterious Jigen gets their advanced technology! With the scientist Amado giving the nefarious collective some serious upgrades when it comes not only to their technology, but to their biology as well, it's clear that Kara is a big threat to Konoha!

In the recent interview, Ukyo Kodachi recently stated that Kara does not get their technology from space, which some may have originally thought was the case thanks in part ot their involvement with the celestial beings known as the Otsutsuki. With the ninja of Kara essentially acting as vessels for the Otsutsuki, you might find it surprising that they don't in fact get their technology from the band of space ninjas, but rather, steal it from some of the brightest and best minds of the ninja world. Whenever the best minds in the ninja world come up with new technology, Kara simply "infiltrates" the village where it was made and makes it their own.

In the manga, we've seen some big developments when it comes to the Kara Organization and particularly the scientist behind many of their advantages. With both Boro, Jigen, and the other members of the group being able to apparently heal from any wound, Amado proves to be one of the most important members of the collective. Though it seems as if Jigen and the rest have taken him for granted, as Amado has made his way to Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, in order to broker a deal with Naruto and the other ninja of the village.

With Amado betraying Kara, the ex-head of their research and development section desires sanctuary in exchange for him "spilling the beans" when it comes to the secrets of the organization. What this means for Kara in the future now that they lack their top scientist is yet to be seen, but it certainly gives a huge advantage to Konoha and Team 7!

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