Naruto Shares New Look at the Uzumaki Family's Blank Period

While the Naruto franchise has been following an Uzumaki for decades at this point, there are a number of years that haven't been accounted for during specific periods of time for the Hidden Leaf Village. While the anime adaptation is preparing to explore more of the unseen years in the upcoming Sasuke and Sakura side story that will hit the anime adaptation in the coming weeks, the ending theme of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has shared a new glimpse of the Uzumaki Family in a time that we have yet to fully flesh out.

So what is the "Blank Period" of the Naruto franchise? Essentially, this is the many years that took place between the conclusion of Naruto: Shippuden and the beginning of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which has been seen from time to time but remains mostly a mystery. While this era was something of a time of peace for the ninja world, there were still some interesting stories to be found in the era that had Kakashi as the Hokage before Naruto had become the Seventh. With the upcoming Sasuke storyline in the anime, we'll see the relationship between the Uchiha and Sakura strengthen as they attempt to save Naruto from a mysterious illness that has befallen him.

The Uzumaki Clan

In the latest ending theme for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we are able to witness a happy Uzumaki Family, seemingly prior to the events of the current anime series before Boruto had an Otsutsuki member sharing his body with him and Kawaki had joined the village of Konoha, becoming the newest member of the Uzumakis:

(Photo: Pierrot)

As announced during last year's Jump Festa event, the anime adaptation is set to return to the events that took place in the manga as it will adapt the "Code Arc", which sees the right-hand man to Jigen attempting to get revenge for his master's death while putting together a new iteration of the Kara Organization. Following the death of Jigen and the Nine-Tailed Fox, the Hidden Leaf Village is struggling with some major issues, and Code is set to throw a ticking bomb into the mix. 

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