Naruto Shares New Teaser for Boruto Sequel

Naruto has shared a new promo for Boruto's sequel ahead of its manga debut.

It is almost time, Naruto fans! If you did not know, the franchise is gearing up for a big comeback. The end of August will mark the debut of Boruto's big sequel as the series put its first half to a close months ago. When it makes its return, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex will catch up with the Hidden Leaf following a time skip, and now we've been given new info on the series.

The update comes from Shueisha as a new promo was just released for the Naruto sequel. As you can see below, the teaser gives us a close look at Boruto Uzumaki in all his post-time skip glory. With his blonde hair styled, Boruto looks like he's been through a rough patch given his vagabond cape and gnarly scar. So when Boruto: Two Blue Vortex goes live, we will see what the ninja has been up to with Sasuke.

As for the promo itself, it features a new blurb about the Naruto series. "People's memories have been altered, and as a result, Boruto's life is threatened by the Hidden Leaf Village," the sequel description reads. "What awaits him when he and Sasuke escape the village in the face of adversity?"

For those eager to check out this new Naruto series, it will go live on August 20th. At this point, we know V-Jump will continue its monthly publication schedule for Boruto, and this sequel will launch with an extended chapter. The comeback marks the first Naruto chapter to drop since this spring when Boruto closed its first half. So if you need to catch up on the Boruto timeline, the manga can be found on the Shonen Jump app.

Want to know more about Boruto? You can read more about the series here ahead of its sequel's debut: "Years have passed since Naruto and Sasuke teamed up to defeat Kaguya, the progenitor of chakra and the greatest threat the ninja world has ever faced. Times are now peaceful and the new generation of shinobi has not experienced the same hardships as its parents. Perhaps that is why Boruto would rather play video games than train. However, one passion does burn deep in this ninja boy's heart, and that is the desire to defeat his father!"

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