Naruto Will Never Be Seen the Same Thanks to This Viral Meme

Over the years, Naruto Uzumaki has become less of a knucklehead and more of a bonafide leader. Despite being an outcast as a child, the Hidden Leaf ninja has become the hero of his village and become the Hokage in his adult life. Of course, all of this doesn't mean Naruto is as poised as his job might lead you to believe, and that kind of derpy behavior stems from his childhood. And thanks to one hilarious meme, fans may never be able to look at Naruto the same way again...!

Over on Twitter, the user Cannibaalteeth got the fandom buzzing when they spotlighted a certain poster. The Naruto promo was released decades ago to promote the original anime, but the use says they cannot unsee a very derpy secret in this poster.

You can check out the hilarious art above if you dare. The viral Naruto post has set off the entire fandom as Naruto lovers try to reconcile this image with themselves. After all, the character has a certain image to maintain, but even the most highbrow fans admit this meme suits the blond knucklehead.

And luckily for the boy, Naruto is big enough to outlive a poster such as this. The hero leads a franchise that spans over decades, and it continues to thrive today with video games and sequels. Naruto enjoys a certain prestige thanks to his status as Hokage nowadays, but this poster proves the hero had to come from somewhere. And as we all know, Naruto came from the very bottom before he could rise to the top.


What do you make of this top-notch meme? Can you unsee this Naruto poster now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.