Naruto Fans Petition for a Fourth Hokage Prequel Series

Naruto ended its main series some years ago, but the franchise lives on through spin-offs and sequels these days. Boruto Uzumaki has become the franchise's new face given the success of his anime. Of course, that means fans want even more shows to go live down the line, and Masashi Kishimoto set up a big enough world to handle the request. And thanks to one fan, netizens are vying for Minato Namikaze to take on the next Naruto series.

Over on Reddit, the user valigomm got fans buzzing with their new series pitch. The fan made an argument for why Minato needs to get his own series as a sort of prequel, and Naruto lovers jumped onboard the idea easily. Clearly, there is no lost love for the Fourth Hokage, and it is easy to see why.


After all, Minato is one of the most powerful ninja to ever come from the Hidden Leaf. His reputation as the Yellow Flash was big enough before he was made Hokage, and fans want to see how Minato came to this place. Of course, Naruto hinted at the story with flashbacks during its latter years. But if there is one thing fans want, it would be to see how Minato grew up even in a gaiden fashion.

Of course, there are no public plans to pursue such a story, but it could happen. It seems Naruto is focusing all of its attention on Boruto for now. Its anime just began to adapt the manga in earnest, and the sequel is thriving in print. In fact, the manga's most recent chapter dropped a cliffhanger that has put the Uzumaki family in the balance. But if you ask fans, there is plenty of room for more Naruto if you just look around.


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