Naruto Opening Gives First Look at Boruto's Karma in the Anime

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' turned a lot of fans' heads when it was announced during the recent Jump Festa convention that the "Vessel Arc" would finally be making the leap from the pages of the manga to the anime, and the opening for the latest episodes gives fans their first look at the mysterious energy of Karma that flows through the veins of the son of Naruto! Though Boruto doesn't have a nine-tailed fox bouncing around within his body like the Seventh Hokage did, the energy known as Karma is definitely a power struggle that the young ninja will have to deal with.

The energy known as Karma, without going into spoiler territory, will have a big role to play as the Kara Organization moves closer to achieving its goals. Karma will not only be possessed by Boruto, but also the mysterious new character of Kawaki, a rogue ninja who is a part of the Kara Organization and is around the same age as the young members of Team 7! Much like the power of the Kyubi, Karma is a big boost that comes at a heavy price, and it's one that will be explored within the upcoming "Vessel Arc".

In the latest episode of the anime, we bore witness to the entirety of the Kara Organization staring down Victor and Deepa, the two rogue ninjas who fought against Team 7 but were defeated by the combined forces of the ninja of Konoha. With the introduction of the likes of Kashin Koji and his fellow rogues, Victor and Deepa weren't long for this world and proved that this new villainous collective is one that is looking to rival the Hidden Leaf Village foes of the Akatsuki!

In the manga, Karma has played a huge role in the chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, promising some big events for the anime adaptation moving forward! With many believing that the Seventh Hokage might not be long for this world, it's clear that the current story of the Hidden Leaf isn't pulling any punches whether its being told in the manga or in the anime!

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