Naruto Welcomes Back a Familiar Face in Boruto's New Episode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has recently finished the latest round of the Chunin Exams as well as having Kawaki become an official member of Konoha. Diverging from the story of the manga, the anime is now following the adventures of Team 15 and in doing so, has brought back a familiar face who first appeared during Naruto: Shippuden, lending both Konoha and the Ninja World a big hand against the forces of the Akatsuki, Obito, and Madara Uchiha. 

For those who might not be familiar, Mifune was one of the high-ranking member of the Land of Iron and was a part of the Fifth Diving of the Allied Shinobi Forces when the ninja world united against the threat of the Akatsuki. While not being a shinobi himself, Mifune was still quite powerful and was considered one of the strongest samurai of his land. Samurai might not be featured nearly as much as the ninjas of Konoha and the other lands created by Masashi Kishimoto, but they have certainly found their place in the world regardless. 

(Photo: Pierrot)

The anime-only story took the opportunity to follow Team 15, as the young Tsubaki joined her teammates in unraveling a mystery that had ties to her homeland, and giving fans the opportunity to once again see Mifune in action. Though Kishimoto's major venture into this world ultimately failed to be as big as Naruto in Samurai 8, it's clear the Shonen franchise will find ways to bring back these powerful warriors.

Crunchyroll's Official Description of the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Episode 231, reads as such:

"Traveling merchants have been attacked by vicious robbers. Wasabi, Namida, and Tsubaki of Team 15 are sent to the site of the incident to investigate. Tsubaki finds a clue that seems to point to samurai from her homeland, the Land of Iron. Furthermore, the clue belongs to a certain person that makes Tsubaki tremble in fear. That person is someone that she respected long ago, a fellow apprentice with whom she trained and honed her swordsmanship with—someone with whom Tsubaki shares a certain fate!"

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