Yes, Naruto's Run Was Recently Added To 'Overwatch'

Naruto isn’t the first person to run with his arms so oddly placed, but he is the most famous. [...]

Naruto isn't the first person to run with his arms so oddly placed, but he is the most famous. Over the years, even the most casual geeks have come to know what the 'Naruto Run' is. The orange-loving ninja popularized the distinct gait, but one Overwatch hero seems to be borrowing it. And, no - it isn't just a coincidence.

Recently, Michael Chu sat down with PCGamesN to talk about his work on Overwatch. The writer opened up about Moira, one of the game's new characters. It was there Chu hinted that Moira's familiar run has its roots in the anime world (via Kotaku).

"One thing I would say broadly, the development team, the artists, we're all big anime fans," the writer explained. "I certainly could not deny some of the references in her sprays and stuff."

Continuing, Chu said the game's developers wanted Moira to be instantly recognizable when fans saw her on the field. "We thought that with the cloth and the hip panels she has, having her have some of these exaggerated movements really looked good and also helped her be distinct and identifiable on the battlefield," he explained.

"There's no question, when you're playing Overwatch and Moira's running around, that you have seen Moira."

Of course, if you are going for different, than it doesn't hurt to channel your inner-Naruto. The hero is the definition of extroverted, and his classic run has become one of Naruto's most defining features. All over the world, there are anime fans who practice sprinting with their arms thrown behind them in what looks to be an aerodynamic style. Now, it looks like Naruto has managed to influence the growing world of Overwatch as well.

This isn't the first Naruto connection fans have spotted in Overwatch. Earlier this week, a post on Twitter went viral after one fan noticed a hilarious tie between a new character skin in the game and Naruto's second outfit. Soldier 76 was given a rare new skin to honor an upcoming Overwatch tournament, and it is hard to look at the character's orange suit and not immediately think of Naruto's classic costume.