Naruto Promo Sets Up the Climax of Boruto's Latest Arc

The current anime arc for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has put Team 7 through the wringer, even with the Kara Organization on the sidelines and the machinations of Code not being the main threat. With Konoha losing several allies as a result of these recent battles involving the Land of Waves, it seems that the latest fight is readying its finale, as new episode titles hint at a new storyline that might take a lighter approach than what we've witnessed in the latest episodes of the anime adaptation.

"Filler", aka stories that only take place in the anime series and never happened in the manga, has always been a part of Naruto's anime, with hundreds of episodes being dedicated to telling original stories for the ninjas of Konoha. While the installments can be a mixed bag, the recent adventure of Team 7 in the Land of Waves has been quite emotional with both Boruto Uzumaki and Metal Lee being hit the hardest by the loss of Kagura and Hebiichigo, despite the fact that they have yet to make appearances in the manga proper at this point.

The titles for the next few installments of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations don't definitively confirm that the current arc is about to end, but the title of Episode 254, "Troublesome Homework", certainly leads credence to the idea that Team 7's current mission is about to come to a close following some significant losses:

Episode 253: Incompatible Feelings

Episode 254: Vortex of Revenge

Episode 254: Troublesome Homework  

As it stands, the anime adaptation hasn't made any hints as to when the television series will dive back into the story currently taking place in the manga, though the show played some serious catch-up in telling the tale of Jigen and Kurama's deaths. It might be quite some time before we see the battle against Code return to the anime adaptation but that isn't stopping the series from delivering some "filler" that can find its own way to be quite emotional when it needs to be.

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