Pokemon's Schedule Has Fans Worried Over Its Disney XD License

Pokemon has been around for decades, but its anime has only be a staple with Disney XD for a few [...]

Pokemon has been around for decades, but its anime has only be a staple with Disney XD for a few years now. Back in the day, Cartoon Network was one of the major networks holding the anime's license, but Disney XD took over the mantle awhile back. With Pokemon: Sun and Moon set to end soon, fans have been waiting for Disney XD to announce its release date of the next series, but a recent schedule update has fans feeling worried about the upcoming series.

Not long ago, the Disney XD schedule was updated for the coming two weeks of March. As expected, the calendar confirmed the finale of Pokemon: Sun and Moon is slated to debut this Saturday at its normal time. However, the following Saturday will have nothing to do with Pokemon; The only anime making waves that day will be Beyblade so... let it rip?

This schedule update comes as a surprise to fan given how Disney XD has handled the upcoming Pokemon anime. The title began in Japan well over a month ago, and it has received rave reviews from fans. The show sees Ash head home after taking home his first Championship title, and he begins traveling to all of the regions with his new friend Go. The ambitious show has been fun for fans so far, but Disney XD has yet to say whether it will air the show.

This is strange as Disney XD traditionally has made announcements about new Pokemon licenses weeks in advance. Fans expected to get confirmation last month around Pokemon Day, but that never happened. Now, the finale of the anime's ongoing season is just days away, and fans are starting to worry the upcoming series is moving to a new network. And if that is not the case, a solid delay might take place between this finale and its premiere which fans would hate to see.

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