Olympics 2021: Summer Games Celebrate Gundam with a Viral Triathlon Cameo

The Tokyo Olympics are underway, and it seems athletes are charging full ahead as each one vies [...]

The Tokyo Olympics are underway, and it seems athletes are charging full ahead as each one vies for a medal. As you can imagine, the pressure to deliver a stellar performance is hard to overcome, and hundreds of press outlets have been tasked with delivering up-to-date news on the summer games. And now, it seems the BBC is going viral after a special cameo introduced one of its hosts to Mobile Suit Gundam.

The whole thing went down recently when the Olympic Games began their work on triathlons. It was there fans watched athletes all over the world compete in a three-stage race, but the biking portion took some by surprise. After all, the athletes were given a trail littered by a famous Gundam suit, and the BBC went viral for butchering the robot's name.

As you can see above, the Gundam clip itself was captured by Gus Bonito, and it is truly glorious. The video shows part of the race as several athletes pass by on their bikes. At one point, the group races by a huge Gundam mech which is located at Odaiba's DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. The huge robot blocks a few shots, and the male commentator on the BBC says he received a text explaining the massive robot.

According to him, the robot is a "Gandum statue" that is also known was the unicorn robot. The host might have their words mixed up, but for the most part, they are correct. This huge robot is a Gundam mech hailing from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The statue was brought to Tokyo not long ago after the original suit was removed and taken elsewhere. Now, this Gundam suit lives in Olympic infamy, and we hope all those competing in the race enjoyed seeing this mech during their race.

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