One Piece Cliffhanger Teases Luffy's New Formidable Foe

One Piece Chapter 1090's cliffhanger teases Luffy's fight with Admiral Kizaru.

One Piece has reached a new phase of the Future Island arc with the newest chapters of the manga, and the cliffhanger from the latest One Piece chapter is already teasing up Luffy's next formidable foe for the arc! One Piece has been spending the last few chapters of the Future Island arc showing off how the rest of the seas are faring as Luffy and the Straw Hats have been trapped on Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory in Egghead island. But now that the manga has properly returned to Egghead, the chaos is truly set to begin as the Marines are making their move. 

One Piece ended its previous chapter with Luffy and the Straw Hats successfully capturing York, the traitor who sold out Dr. Vegapunk to the Marines. The newest chapter of the series sees Luffy taking things into a higher gear with the Marines with a message that he's captured Dr. Vegapunk and is threatening the lives of the Marines unless they move their ships out of the way (so they can escape with Vegapunk successfully). But this has also made the Marines make their move, with Admiral Kizaru making his way to the island in full.

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One Piece: What Is Luffy's Next Fight?

One Piece Chapter 1090 sees Kizaru ordered by the Five Elders to finally make his move on Vegapunk's laboratory, and noted that while there are a few things they need to keep safe, everything else is disposable. Kizaru noted how he was hesitant to attack before due to Vegapunk's wide array of defenses likely meaning the loss of many Marine lives, but was forced to move due to the Five Elder's order. As the chapter comes to an end, he uses his Sacred Yata Mirror technique to quickly travel to the island and begin his fight against Sentomaru. 

As soon as he makes landfall, Luffy (who's far above from where Kizaru is fighting) immediately senses that someone strong has arrived, and he's got a shocked look on his face. Whether this is due to just how strong Kizaru is, or all of the memories quickly flooding back from the Saboady Archipelago incident, it's clear that this might end up being one of Luffy's toughest fights yet. 

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