One Piece Reveals the Identity of Vegapunk's Traitor

When it comes to One Piece, the hits keep on rolling in for our heroes. The manga began exploring its final act some months ago, and the story has already taken some strange twists thanks to Dr. Vegapunk. For ages, fans were given an image of the professor only to find Dr. Vegapunk had a number of satellite bodies on hand. Now, it seems one of his creations is rebelling, and we just learned the identity of Vegapunk's traitor.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for One Piece's Egghead Island arc below. Read on with caution!

This week, the One Piece manga ended with an update on Vegapunk's true body which fans know as Stella. Not long ago, the genius watched as his satellite Shaka was shot point blank by an unseen enemy, and it turns out the assailant was York. Dubbed the Avatar of Greed, York killed Shaka and caused mayhem on Egghead Island all to further their own agenda against their creator.

According to York, they want to become a celestial dragon. The only way their plan can happen is if they take out all of Vegapunk's satellites and the man himself to ensure York is the last scientist standing. They make this clear as York says the would be better off with only one Dr. Vegapunk. So if you were curious about their attack on Shaka, worry no more.

Of course, much of York's actions have been explained now. The character pretended to align with the Straw Hats to get in close to Stella, and York used the island's recent chaos to their advantage. The satellite has backed Stella into a corner, and now time will tell whether York's plan to outlive the other Vegapunk avatars works out.

As for why York wants to be a celestial dragon, we have no clue. Stella does say his avatar did meet the rulers at Mary Geoise, and he cannot imagine why his companion would want such power. There is little doubt we will get that answer soon, and the explanation could be a simple one. Greedy people want everything and then some, so York probably cannot help itself. The World Government would have little to worry about if York succeeded Stella as the only Vegapunk as their beef is with the original. And thanks to York's meddling, the World Government may do the dirty work for them and kill off the Vegapunk gang with a buster call soon. 

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