One Piece Sparks Buzz with a New Movie Website

If there is one thing One Piece does well, it is a mind-blowing movie. Time and again, the [...]

If there is one thing One Piece does well, it is a mind-blowing movie. Time and again, the franchise has left fans stunned with its movies, and they have gotten even better in recent years. And now, it seems like plans are likely underway to bring Luffy and his crew back to the big screen.

The update was given today when netizens found an interesting site online. The sleuths discovered a new web domain in Japan has been registered, and it speaks to a new One Piece film. The URL is simply onepiece-film, and fans were left to wonder if the domain was legit.

Now, it seems like new information has surfaced backing the report. Twitter user newworldartur pointed out that the domain information was registered by Toei Corp in Tokyo. The active date spans to May 2022, so fans are rightly geeking out about this find.

After all, it has been a hot minute since One Piece struck up a new movie. The franchise welcomed its last film in August 2019 to commemorate the anime's 20th anniversary. No word has been given on a new movie since, but this web domain teases a new film that could be coming in late 2021 or even early 2022.

This timing would make sense given how well One Piece is performing in Japan. The TV show is hotter than ever given its focus on the Wano Country saga. Toei Animation has spared no expense with animation, so the arc has looked amazing. If a new movie comes forward with even better art, One Piece fans are going to lose their minds, and we can only hope Jinbe will be roped into the cinematic adventure!

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