One Piece Shares Promising New Episode Titles

The Wano Arc within One Piece's anime series is taking the opportunity to look into the past of the isolated nation, giving us a better idea of how the land found itself under the iron fist of the pint-sized shogun known as Orochi, and some new episode titles are setting the stage for the precursor to the war between Luffy's Straw Hat Pirates and Kaido's Beast Pirates! The Straw Hat Pirates have united once again following the two-year time skip that saw each swashbuckler gaining more strength through training, and it's clear that these upcoming episodes will have a big impact on the series!

Recently, Luffy has been gaining some serious strength while simultaneously working toward escaping a hairy situation trapped inside one of Wano's deadliest prisons. When the Straw Hat Pirates traveled to Wano originally, they begin learning the tragedy of the isolated nation and the terrible predicament that the innocent citizens of the country found themselves in day after day. Though One Piece's anime will be taking a brief hiatus later this year for the holidays, expect some big revelations for the past and future of Wano Country when the series returns!

Twitter User Soulstorm OP shared the next two episode titles for the anime franchise of One Piece, hinting that Kaido's army is preparing for war, and that Monkey D. Luffy and his crew are prepping themselves to get ready for a war unlike any other within the world of the Grand Line:

Currently, the manga is focusing on the "War for Wano" that pits the Straw Hat Pirates directly against the Beast Pirates, with nearly every swashbuckler of the Grand Line taking part in this massive battle royale, and with the one-thousandth chapter of the printed series on the way, expect some big things from Eiichiro Oda's series as the Wano Arc moves closer to its finale!

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