One Piece Goes All Out with Big Mom vs Kaido Clip

One Piece is working with an arc that many are calling its best yet. The Wano Country storyline has taken over the manga and anime during a time where entertainment is on so many minds. Of course, that means the pressure is on for the show to do the manga justice, and One Piece even went the extra mile with its take on a Yonko vs Yonko fight this weekend.

After all, a brand-new episode of One Piece is here, and the update is a major one. The episode checks in on Big Mom and Kaido after the pair are reunited at the latter's hideout on Wano. It is there Big Mom decides she has had enough of Kaido's mouth, so the pair talk by trading blows.

Now, in the manga, this fight was mostly looked over. One Piece fans were shown how the pirate on Onigashima reacted to the ordeal, but that was about it. This week, the anime chose to go in on the fight and show fans a bit of what happened. The gorgeous reel can be found above, and it shows why Big Mom is truly a beast.

She is the one who picks the fight with Kaido, and she lands a solid punch on the man. The pair continue to trade insane blows with their weapons until all of the island is covered in light. It is a miracle the area is even still intact after this battle, but it lives on. And after this fight finishes, One Piece fans better not mock Big Mom for her looks lest she treats them the way she does Kaido.


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