One Piece Promo Promises to Showcase Big Mom v Kaido

One Piece's next episode promo is promising to showcase a fight between Big Mom and Kaido. One of the most interesting elements brewing throughout the Wano Country arc thus far is what Big Mom came to Wano in the first place for. It was previously teased that the two of them would be forming some kind of powerful alliance, but they have yet to act on it because Big Mom lost her memory when she crash landed on Wano. But with the newest episode of the series bringing them face to face for the first time, they are now going to fight.

The preview for the next episode of the series picks up from the cliffhanger that saw the two of them get angry at one another, and promises to flesh out more of the fight between Kaido and Big Mom than fans had initially seen in Eiichiro Oda's original manga version of the events.

Without giving too much away about the fight itself, the manga version of Wano Country Act 2's final events sort of breezes right over this confrontation. One of the more divisive elements among anime and manga fans of the franchise is that the anime takes a more deliberate pace when it comes to adapting the One Piece manga. Some fans see the anime's slower pace as detrimental to the story, while others see the slower pace as a way to flesh out more of the manga.

It seems we'll be getting a great example of this soon as we get a brief glimpse of the fight between Big Mom and Kaido coming in Episode 953. Not only does it tease a well animated brawl, but it's already giving us more than fans got to see in action in the manga as the pieces are laid out for the next act. But what do you think of the change?

Are you excited at the prospect of seeing more of Big Mom and Kaido's fight? Are you excited to see the two Emperors clash at all? Wondering how the anime will take on Wano Country's huge third act? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!