One Piece Resumes Luffy's Fight with Big Mom at Wano

One Piece has finally kickstarted the war for Wano Country at Onigashima, and unsurprisingly, Big Mom has taken aim squarely at Luffy following how much he ruined for her during the Whole Cake Island arc. Their big rematch got started a couple of chapters ago, but were split off thanks to the amount of chaos going on at Onigashima at the same time. But the newest chapter finally resumes their big Wano rematch as Big Mom has caught up to Luffy once more when he's distracted by Kaido and the Akazaya Nine's fight.

Chapter 988 picks up from the immediate fallout of the Akazaya Nine making their first assault on Kaido. Luffy himself is distracted when Shinobu and Sanji try and save Momonosuke, and soon he finds himself face to face once more with a Big Mom who now is charging straight at him. Knowing full well that he can't lead her somewhere else or it might be trouble for the others, Luffy knows he has to take a stand against Big Mom now.

Chapter 988 sees Big Mom charging straight at Luffy as she declares that the party can get started once more when they kill all of the invading samurai. She's angry at Luffy for wrecking everything she looks forward to like the wedding, the tea party, and the following feast during the Whole Cake Island arc and she instantly launches an Ikkoku Sovereignty in his direction.

One Piece Spoilers Luffy Big Mom Fight Rematch Wano Manga
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Luffy wants to help the Akazaya Nine fight against Kaido at the top of the Onigashima dome, but can't do so or Big Mom would follow him and make it a much tougher fight for everyone. Thus he tries to slip away from her in the ensuing chaos once more, and it looks like it's successful as her attention is soon drawn to Nami -- who tried to take Zeus back from Big Mom in the chaos as well.


The war for Wano Country continues to go in unexpected directions as the fights for the arc continue their set up, but Luffy still does not have a confirmed first real opponent yet. It's implied he will be facing off against Big Mom and Kaido before it's all over after declaring war on all of them, but it's not an official fight until he takes someone on in a one-on-one fight.

But what do you think? Who will be Luffy's first real opponent in the war? Will we get a full Luffy and Big Mom fight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!