One Piece Promo Brings the Anime Closer to a Flashback Arc

One of the biggest story lines that has taken place in the Wano Arc in One Piece's manga is about to take place in the anime, as a preview for the next episode of the series shows that we are about to dive in feet first into the early years of Kozuki Oden and the stories of Wano that took place long before Luffy and his friends set foot in the isolated nation! The preview itself focuses on a meeting of the "minds" between Kaido and Big Mom, scenes of an imprisoned Luffy, and various other events that show that the flashback sequence is near.

Kozuki Oden was one of the most influential warriors in the history of the isolated nation of Wano, working his best to open the gates of his homeland to the world. Though he has been long dead at this point in the story, following his death at the hands of the captain of the Beast Pirates in Kaido and the Shogun of Wano in Orochi. Even though he is deceased, it's clear that his influence and the actions he had taken in his life left an impact on the country that he loved as the citizens still remember the adventures of the wandering samurai and the affect that he had on those around him!

Twitter User Soul Storm OP shared this preview for the 952nd episode of One Piece's anime, showing a number of different scenes that show us that the flashback sequence of the Wano Arc is getting ready to begin in the anime adaptation of the long running Shonen series:

Oden's life was one of the most interesting of any character to ever appear in Eiichiro Oda's epic series, with his life not only showing us more of Wano as a country, but also diving deeper into several characters' histories such as Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, giving fans a better idea of the events that took place long before Luffy and his crew sailed the Grand Line in their dream to make their captain the King of the Pirates!

What are you most excited to see translated to the anime from the Wano flashback sequence that showed us the trials and tribulations of Kozuki Oden? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Grand Line!