One Piece Surprises Fans With Big Mom's Little-Seen Form

One Piece surprised fans with a little-seen Big Mom 'form' in the newest chapter of the series! [...]

One Piece surprised fans with a little-seen Big Mom "form" in the newest chapter of the series! The fight at Onigashima is reaching its climax as Luffy and Kaido now are fighting each other one on one at the top of the Skull Dome. The Wano Country arc's climax is far more involved than just this one fight, however, as the newest chapter reminds fans of this with a look at many of the fights still breaking out through the island. Big Mom, who was just on the top of the dome with the previous chapters, is now a literal wrench into this chaos on the lower floors.

The newest chapter of the series officially separates Big Mom from Kaido as the efforts to get her off of the Skull Dome roof and away from the fight, and through this separation sees the return of a little-seen form. Though she's got the nickname "Big Mom," she rarely acts like an actual mother. That's changed with the newest chapter with her motherly act making a surprise return at the most unexpected time.

One Piece Big Mom Rare Form Wano Kaido Fight Spoilers
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Chapter 1011 sends Big Mom down to the second floor thanks to Kid and Killer's efforts, and she soon crosses paths with O-Tama, Nami, and Usopp as they try and ride Komachiyo away from Ulti and Page One from their fight before. Big Mom's angered to see Nami and Usopp, but surprisingly she has nothing but nice memories held over from her time with O-Tama.

Upon this mini-reunion, Big Mom returns to her kindly motherly state (as Prometheus notes how she does this with little children) and even thanks O-Tama for her help while she had lost her memory. She even reminisces about the serving of Oshiruko she ate in Okobore Town, and is angered when Tama tells her that Kaido has destroyed that town.

Angered with the destruction of the innocent town that once helped her, and further fueled by her motherly connection to O-Tama, she ends up delivering a hefty punch to Page One when he was about to attack O-Tama and the others. It's unclear of what this will mean for Big Mom in the rest of this fight, but at least Big Mom and O-Tama's connection remained even through those wild circumstances before.

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