One Piece Previews Luffy's Epic Rematch With Kaido

One Piece previewed Luffy's epic rematch with Kaido in the newest chapter of the series. The Wano [...]

One Piece previewed Luffy's epic rematch with Kaido in the newest chapter of the series. The Wano Country arc has reached its climax as the members of the Worst Generation have started their fight with the Emperors Kaido and Big Mom on the top of Onigashima's Skull Dome. The Supernovas had been struggling in the fight thus far, but previous chapters of the series have shown the fight starting to swing back in their direction after Luffy had figured out a proper counterattack to Kaido's strength. This continues with the newest chapter of the series.

The newest chapter of the series continues the fight between Luffy and Kaido, and the cliffhanger from before had teased that Luffy was more confident than ever in his victory after figuring out that Kaido had been coating his body and attacks in the Supreme King Haki. With these steps in place, Chapter 1011 of the series gives us a brief glimpse at how this big rematch will go.

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Chapter 1011 of the series has a lot to juggle as it revisits many of the major fights breaking out across Onigashima, and Law leaves Luffy alone to fight Kaido as he's the only one who's been able to do any kind of damage to the emperor. It's here that Kaido begins to recover from Luffy's big attack from the previous chapter, and he begins to laugh as at the fact that Luffy is still standing tall.

He notes how Luffy seems to be enjoying himself and laughs because that with more danger, Luffy seems to be having more fun. The two fighters smile and charge at each other once more. Their Supreme King Hakis clash and the two of them send shockwaves throughout the top of the Skull Dome. With the two of them now fighting alone, it's set for a true rematch.

Luffy had decidedly lost his first fight with Kaido, but through the previous two acts of the Wano arc he had been training to develop not only a new use of Haki but had figured out through this fight how he could truly harm Kaido with the use of his own Supreme King Haki. But what do you think?

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