One Piece: What Could Happen in Chapter 1,000?

It has been over twenty years since One Piece was introduced to the world, and creator Eiichiro [...]

It has been over twenty years since One Piece was introduced to the world, and creator Eiichiro Oda is coming close to a huge milestone. While the anime works through its latest episode of the Wano arc, the manga is miles ahead into the story. The most recent chapter of the story to live was 983 which means One Piece is closing in on quadruple digits. And while it comes as little surprise, fans of the series are expecting big things for chapter 1,000.

To break things down a bit, let's discuss the manga and its schedule to get an idea of when this milestone could take place. The first thing to note is that One Piece is 17 chapters from hitting four digits. If the manga did not take a single break off between now and this 1,000 chapter, then it would be published at the end of October.

Of course, it seems like Oda will probably take a break or two. The artist deserves to take his time on this big chapter, and that isn't even counting breaks instated by Shonen Jump. While work is back to a new normal in Japan, there is no doubt Shueisha will take a few more non-holiday breaks this year.


It seems likely that chapter 1,000 will not debut until 2021, and fans are eager to see what the epic chapter will be about. This achievement is not often reached, so Oda is going to go all out for it. Some wonder if the chapter will mark the defeat of Kaido at Luffy's hands but that would be a rather rushed ordeal. With so many One Piece fans out there, it is hard to get a consensus on what everyone wants from this upcoming episode. The most important thing is that the chapter his memorable, so let's hope all is well with the Straw Hat crew in this update.

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