One Piece Anime Introduces Queen at Last

One Piece has officially returned from its COVID-19 hiatus, and its big comeback episode finally [...]

One Piece has officially returned from its COVID-19 hiatus, and its big comeback episode finally introduced one of the key characters of the Wano Country arc, Queen. Episode 930 of the series thrusts us right back into the swing of Act 2 of the Wano story, and Luffy is still imprisoned within Udon. While this has made him a lot buffer than fans had remembered before the anime went on its months long break, this episode also served as a grim reminder of the kind of terrible prison camp Luffy has found himself in.

Episode 930 also kicks up the danger to a new level as the one who runs Udon has finally arrived. The third member of the Lead Performers, following the introductions of both Jack and King in previous episodes, Queen made his flamboyant debut in the anime. Much different than his two more stoic comrades, Queen is boastful and has a more sinister party vibe than one would expect.

Queen made his big debut to the series with a full performance that not only emphasizes how much his underlings love his showmanship, but also gives a peek into his crooked personality. But now that Luffy has been placed firmly in his sights, maybe we'll see this party mogul take on a more serious and sinister tone.

It has yet to be made clear just what kind of power or strength Queen has, but if he's a Lead Performer than he is undoubtedly one of the strongest fighters in Kaido's Beasts Pirates crew. Considering how strong many of the lower ranked fighters have been in the arc thus far, there's a good chance it's going to take something huge to take on someone like Queen. Maybe Luffy will get the upgrade he's hoping for? But what do you think?

What did you think of Queen's big debut in the One Piece anime? Where does he rank among your favorite Lead Performers compared to Jack and King? What did you think of his debut performance? Excited to see what kind of chaos Queen will kick off next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!