One Piece Cosplay Transforms Luffy with Fem Makeover

One Piece knows its heroes inside and out with Luffy being at the top of that list. Over the years, the series has explored much of the hero's history, and fans have come to embrace the Straw Hat leader with no reserve. Of course, that means the fandom has honored Luffy with tons of gifts, and one cosplayer felt it was time to pay tribute to the pirate with a fem makeover.

Over on Instagram, the user vanillecos got One Piece fans going with their take on the pirate. The cosplayer, who tackles a lot of anime looks, decided it would be nice to imagine Luffy if the hero were born a lady. This trend is incredibly popular with cosplaying period, and vanillecos did a stunning job with their re-imagining.

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As you can see above, this version of Luffy goes back to basics. The girl is seen wearing a scoop-neck tank in Luffy's vibrant red shade. A row of yellow buttons have been sewn on to mimic his top, and the cosplay features fleece-lined jean shots.

Aside from the outfit, Luffy comes together with long dark hair that is divide into ties. A scar was inked onto the fan's face in perfect style, and the look completes itself with a straw hat. The accessory looks like it was plucked right from the anime, so it would surely earn Shanks' seal of approval.


This stunning cosplay is just one of many that One Piece has earned this year alone. The manga made headlines the world over when it reached its 1,000th chapter at the start of 2021. Now, the manga is heading towards the climax of its best arc yet, so we can only assume more epic cosplays are to come of Luffy's gang!

What do you think about this One Piece cosplay? Does the fem makeover suit Luffy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.