One Piece Cosplay Has Buggy Going Viral

One Piece's live-action series has made Buggy a fan-favorite and cosplayers are capitalizing.

One Piece has had one of its biggest years to date in 2023, arguably the biggest year for the shonen franchise since it debuted. The One Piece anime has debuted Luffy's ultimate transformation known as Gear Fifth, the manga is in the throes of its final saga, and Netflix released a live-action adaptation to high acclaim. Of the many villains that were included in Netflix's new series, Buggy the Clown might be the most popular and cosplayers around the world are going viral in bringing the "Warlord of The Sea" to life.

In Netflix's One Piece series, Buggy is portrayed by Jeff Ward. Ward had previous roles in some major series including Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Brand New Cherry Flavor, Hacks, and Channel Zero. Ward is no stranger to playing villains as well, taking on the role of Charles Manson in Manson's Lost Girls. Buggy as a character was one that many One Piece fans wondered how the antagonist would be brought to life, not just thanks to his appearance, but his wild Devil Fruit powers that allow him to split his limbs and control them absent of his own body. Based on the fan base that Buggy has amassed, it seems that the live-action take on the character is a success.

Buggy The Cosplay

Buggy made his debut in Netflix's One Piece at the tail end of the first episode, confronting the Straw Hat Pirates in episode two and continuing to have a role in further episodes of season one. The final episode of the live-action series promised that there is more Buggy on the way should a second season be confirmed, as a nefarious alliance has been forged. Buggy has a bright future ahead of him in the live-action adaptation, but things are looking grim for the pirate clown in the manga. 

In One Piece's manga, Buggy is being held captive by his fellow members in the Cross Guild, Mihawk and Crocodile. Convincing his captors to set sail to find the One Piece, Buggy is hanging by a thread but will play a role in the final saga of the series. 

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