One Piece Creator Shares Time-lapse Drawing of New Cover Art

The creator of One Piece has been drawing the Straw Hats for decades, so there is no one who knows [...]

The creator of One Piece has been drawing the Straw Hats for decades, so there is no one who knows the team better. Luffy and his cohorts have become close friends to Eiichiro Oda, and the artist knows the best ways to make them shine. That is why Oda posted a video time-lapse of him drawing his latest cover art, and One Piece fans agree geeking out over the gift.

The artwork was posted to the official One Piece Instagram, and fans were admittedly caught off guard. Oda showed netizens how he made the colored cover art for the latest chapter of One Piece in his time-lapse. It begins with a blank screen and ends up showing a colorful club scene in just over a minute.

You can watch the time-lapse below to see Oda at work. Of course, the piece has been sped up as the artist took more than a minute to pen this cover, but fans can break this art down piece any piece if they would like. It makes it easier to spot details that way, and if you do this, you may figure out where Franky and Robin are hiding in this spread.

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Hint! They are not there in person, but there are a few drinks in this cover that will remind you of the duo.

From loose sketches to finished colors, this time-lapse proves why Oda is still one of the best manga artists out there. He knows how to best position the Straw Hats for this dynamic piece, and Sanji's pose is especially impressive. The artist did not skimp out on any details regardless of how difficult they were to put in, and that is why this layered masterpiece has netizens praising Oda's skills online.

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