One Piece Creator Shares What He Needs Most When Drawing Fight Scenes

One Piece has been around for decades at this point, and it has created lots of content during [...]

One Piece has been around for decades at this point, and it has created lots of content during that time. Eiichiro Oda is like a machine when it comes to penning stories, so you can understand why the artist might confuse himself from time to time. But thanks to a recent author's comment, fans have learned how Oda handled complicated scenes like fight sequences when he is drafting new chapters.

The answer is rather simple, really! Oda has embraced the world of wiki pages. Over the last weekend, One Piece put out a packed new chapter involving lots of action, and Oda admitted he relies on wiki pages when it comes to keeping his facts straight.

The author's latest note to fans was to the point, and Oda did not mind making a confession to his fans. "There's something I can't live without when the big battles start. And that's the online database of all the character techniques. Thanks," the write shared.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Of course, Oda is thanking fans as they are the ones who compile the wiki pages. From Japan to the United States and beyond, there are plenty of wikis out there which detail the series. These sites list everything from attacks to character birthdays and more. If Oda should ever forget anything about his story, a fan has surely notated it on a wiki, and Oda is not ashamed to use them.

Of course, fans are curious as to what wikis are being used, and Oda has referenced them in the past. Previous posts from the artist reveal he has used Japanese search engines like Docomo to find information on One Piece. After decades of work, you can hardly blame the artist for leaning on others as he begins weaving loose plotlines together!

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