One Piece Revisits Garp as the Marine Turns Down a Major Job

One Piece revisited Monkey D. Garp as the Marine turned down a major job! From what we had seen of [...]

One Piece revisited Monkey D. Garp as the Marine turned down a major job! From what we had seen of Garp throughout the series thus far, he seemed like a much different kind of Marine than the rest of the organization. Because he was hailed as a hero, he was able to get away with being lenient on Luffy in their prior fight and criticize some of the higher ups in a way that the other Vice Admirals and Admirals don't get to do. As it's revealed in the newest episode of the series, it's because Garp did some major things in the past.

Episode 958 continues the string of massive reveals about the past of the One Piece world along with some teases about what's potentially to come in the future. One of those involved Garp and his actions during the mysterious "God Valley Incident" as it not only explains why he's seen as a heroic figure, but also why he can get away with certain things.

As Sengoku explains in the episode, there used to be a major group known as the Rocks Pirates. Members of the crew included famous names like Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom, but 38 years ago the government reported that they had been wiped out completely. At the center of this fight was Garp, who was able to hold back these pirates and was hailed as a hero of the Navy from then on.

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It's also revealed that Garp continues to turn down the Admiral job because of his distaste for the Celestial Dragons. The incident at God Valley meant he had to protect them, and not only that, but he never talks about it because he also had to team up with the pirate Gol D. Roger in order to achieve victory. But becoming an Admiral would mean taking direct orders from the Celestial Dragons.

He's able to show disrespect towards them because of his popularity and deeds with the Navy, but it's clear now that Garp is one of the more curious additions to the Navy. There's a chance we'll see more of this God Valley incident and its ramifications for the rest of the overall lore in the future, and that also means we'll get lots more Garp.

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