Global One Piece Popularity Poll Reveals Top 10 List

One Piece has been in print for more than twenty years, and it has introduced a few hundred [...]

One Piece has been in print for more than twenty years, and it has introduced a few hundred characters in that time. Eiichiro Oda never knew how big the series would balloon when he began writing it, but here we are. After more than 1,000 chapters, One Piece is sailing along better than ever, and the results are in for the story's ambitious global popularity poll.

As you might remember, One Piece launched the whole poll in light of its recent. anniversary and manga milestone. One Piece hit 1,000 chapters this year to the delight of many. Now, fans know which of the manga's characters are the most popular, and you can guess who came in the first place...!

As far as the top ten is concerned, Ace came at the bottom with his place as tenth. Carrot jumped ahead of the pirate by taking ninth place, and fans of the bunny are thriving in light of this victory. The same goes for fans of Hancock as the former Warlord of the Seas hit up seventh place.

When it comes to sixth place, Nico Robin nabbed the spot while Trafalgar Law hit up fifth. Sanji cooked up enough votes to land in spot four before the big three wrapped up the poll. Nami came in third with Zoro in second, and Luffy took home the whole prize by nabbing first place.

This popularity poll was done worldwide, so it seems fans have spoken at last about their favorites. Zoro might be a popular second to the series, but Luffy is by far the most popular person in One Piece. Oda is no doubt thrilled by this outcome since he is Luffy's biggest champion. He might love all of the Straw Hats, but there is something special about Luffy that cannot be overlooked.

If you are not familiar with all of One Piece, you can catch up pretty easily if you have some time on your hand. The show can be found on Crunchyroll and Funimation while the manga is handled by Viz Media. The series can be found in select bookstores and comic shops while digital issues can be accessed easily through Viz Media's digital vault.

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