One Piece Hints at Jimbei's Role When the Straw Hats Battle

The third act of One Piece's Wano Country arc has officially kicked into high gear as Luffy and [...]

The third act of One Piece's Wano Country arc has officially kicked into high gear as Luffy and the 5,000 strong rebel forces have made their way into Kaido's base of Onigashima. But they wouldn't have made it that far if not for the surprise return of Jimbei, who had safely escaped from the clutches of Big Mom with the rest of the Sun Pirates following the Whole Cake Island arc. Now that he's been officially welcomed into the Straw Hat crew, the latest chapter of the series reveals how he'll work into their dynamic in battle.

Chapter 979 of the series see the Straw Hats formulate their strategies heading deeper into Onigashima, and Jimbei reacts to just how loosely the Straw Hats actually prepare for things. Noting how wild and carefree they can be, Jimbei soon realizes that his role in the group will be to have a clear picture of the battle and formulate proper strategies.

The Straw Hat crew has been on a high following Jimbei's official joining of the crew, and even tried to throw a welcoming party in the middle of the war. This carefree attitude continues with the latest chapter as Jimbei notes how the rest of the rebellion have left. Noting that Luffy has gone on ahead and that Zoro went after him, the other Straw Hats tell Jimbei that the situation is only going to get worse because of those two.

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Jimbei notes how he wants to make himself useful to the crew in his first official battle with them, and decides he'll be of service best by taking a calm look at how the battle is going when the rest of the crew is stirred up in battle. The series has seen him take this advisory position in the past when working alongside Luffy and the others, but now Jimbei will officially be helping the Straw Hats better plan out their moves.

It's going to be a key shift in the series going forward especially seeing as how this chapter already has the crew returning to their usual nonchalance when this deep in enemy territory. The advice of someone like Jimbei is really going to come in handy for the others when Luffy is off doing his own thing like always. But what do you think?

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