One Piece Reveals Jimbei's Welcoming Party

One Piece's Wano Country arc is speedily approaching the climax of its third act, and many of the crucial pieces of the rebel forces have been coming together over the last several chapters. But there was one major surprise snuck in during all of this chaos as well as Jimbei had surprisingly made his big return to the manga with Chapter 976 of the series. As the Straw Hats continued to be pummeled from all sides by Kaido's Beast Pirates forces, Jimbei made his exciting return and officially joined the Straw Hat crew at last.

The festivities aren't over by a long shot as Chapter 977 of the series continued Jimbei's reunion with his new crew, and hilariously enough Luffy and the others wanted to make his joining the crew official with a big party in the middle of the attack on Onigashima. But things got a little hairy as they tried to do their thing.

Before the rebel forces even had a complete plan of attack, Luffy and the Straw Hats did what they always do and started to move at their own pace. Wanting to officially bring Jimbei into the crew with a toast, they realize they don't have any booze. Zoro notes how he smells booze on one of the enemies' ships, the Straw Hats easily tear through the Torii gates that Kin'emon and the others were worried about.

After Zoro finds booze and mugs, they prepare to toast to Jimbei but are interrupted as Kin'emon and the others declare the onslaught on Onigashima. But with all of that going on, Luffy decides to forget the toast for now. Wanting to celebrate with a huge party alongside everyone once Kaido, Big Mom, and every other enemy is defeated, Luffy wants to bring Jimbei into the crew with a party sweetened by their future accomplishments.

Jimbei returning to the Straw Hat crew at this time was a huge morale boost for the crew, and has definitely swung the momentum of the war back in the rebellion's direction. After suffering through two entire arcs at the hands of Kaido's forces, now seems like the time that Luffy and the Straw Hats are finally going to make it happen and free Wano!


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