One Piece Reveals a Hidden Secret to Kaido's Strength

One Piece revealed a hidden secret to Kaido's immense strength with the newest chapter of the series! Ever since he was first introduced to Eiichiro Oda's original manga series, Kaido had been touted as an immortal who could not die no matter how much damage he tried to inflict on himself. As we began to see him more, it was revealed that his body had super tough skin as well. While this initially seemed like it could have been the result of his Devil-Fruit ability, the newest chapter of the series reveals a different kind of secret to his power.

Luffy had been training through the Wano Country arc to better reach through Kaido's tough skin with his power, and while it seemed like he had found a way to damage him through Ryou, it wasn't until the newest chapter of the series that Luffy truly pieced together how Kaido actually fights. After seeing Zoro use the Color of the Supreme King Haki, and successfully damage Kaido as a result, Luffy figures out that Kaido's secret is the Supreme King Haki imbued in all of his attacks.

One Piece Kaido Strength Secret Supreme King Haki Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1010 of the series sees Zoro successfully channel the Supreme King Haki into his sword, and with it successfully wounds Kaido for the first real time since they had started fighting on the top of Onigashima's Skull Dome. Together with the knowledge he had gained about Ryou through his training together with Hyogoro during the Sumo Inferno, Luffy figures out that Kaido is using his Haki like Ryou.

After taking a hit from Kaido's club, Luffy asks Kaido if he's infusing his attacks with this Supreme King Haki. Kaido laughs and confirms this is the case, and Luffy then surprises him by doing the same. The two of their Hakis clash, and it's revealed that they are fighting each other without really touching much like the Ryou technique Luffy had been trying before.


Kaido seemed like an impressively strong being, but with Luffy figuring out his secret, now Kaido is a little more beatable than before. It's not exactly what is going to win the fight for Luffy at the end of the day, but it's an important step in bringing down Kaido once and for all if Luffy can keep it up.

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