One Piece Levels Up Zoro with a Truly Devastating Attack

One Piece promised to go big with its latest arc, and Wano has not wavered in that regard once since it began. While the anime prepares to resume its main story, the manga is pushing along with its final battle. With the future of Wano at stake, the Worst Generation is doing its best to fend off two Yonko, and one attack just showed the world how strong Zoro has become.

The whole thing went down in the most recent chapter of One Piece. As you can imagine, the update began by answering a cliffhanger regarding Kozuki Oden, but it ended with the Worst Generation. The team is working together to split up Big Mom and Kaido as the two are too strong together. And when the pair team up for a truly unholy attack, it is Zoro who stops it.

One Piece Zoro Eye
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Chapter 1009 follows Zoro as he stands before Big Mom and Kaido after the two launch a never-before-seen attack. The duo created a massive blast attack called Hakai which unnerves even Luffy. However, Zoro stands before his friends with swords drawn to hold back the blast, and he did so just long enough to let his friends retreat.

Luckily, Zoro was able to retreat with the group, but he is pretty injured despite having only blocked the move for a matter of seconds. The group is stunned Zoro managed to hold off the blast, and the same goes for the Yonko. After all, the Hakai blast manages to annihilate a sizable portion of the island once it made land. So if you thought Zoro was slacking during the Whole Cake Island saga, think again!


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