One Piece Cliffhanger Teases Kuma's "Special" Origins

One Piece has plenty of characters in its wheelhouse, and you can bet most of them will make a comeback in the manga's final act. Creator Eiichiro Oda has a lot to do before the saga can end, of course, and he is trying to address one of the series' biggest mysteries. The direction he's taken Kuma continues to baffle readers, and a recent cliffhanger seems to have hinted at the human weapon's importance.

If you are caught up with One Piece, you will know chapter 1064 dropped the Kuma bombshell out of the blue. Jewelry Bonney has kickstarted Oda's talk of Kuma as of late, and it is because she's met up with Luffy once more. During their reunion, she tells Luffy her father was preyed on by the Marines for a reason, and it has to do with his heritage.

What Do We Know About Kuma?

According to Jewelry, Kuma hails from a special race, and she's furious her dad was experimented upon just because of his family tree. "My father told me that he was from a special people, but so what?! That doesn't give them the right to force experiments on him! It doesn't give them the right to kill him," she tells Luffy.

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Of course, this reveal is glossed over, so fans can only wonder what Jewelry meant. If Kuma does come from a special bloodline, this means she is most definitely in danger as well. Dr. Vegapunk and the Marines turned Kuma into a living weapon because of his heritage... which Jewelry is a part of.

Up until now, much of Kuma's history has been kept a secret, but Jewelry insists the man's savage description by the Marines is entirely untrue. She remembers her dad as a gentleman, and so far, the former warlord's personality suits that peaceful memory. And as Luffy gets closer to uncovering Dr. Vegapunk's true body, fans can expect to learn more about Kuma's mysterious heritage.

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