One Piece Cliffhanger Shares Troubling New Look at Kuma

One Piece's final saga has been setting the stage for the first major conflict of the Dr. Vegapunk arc, and the final moments from the newest chapter of the series has revealed a distressing new look at Bartholomew Kuma! As Luffy and the Straw Hats continue to learn more about the mysterious Dr. Vegapunk the more he gives them a tour of his island laboratory, it's been revealed that there are some major things going down in the rest of the seas. The Revolutionary Army, for example, is getting ready for their big move against the World Government coming soon too.

The Revolutionary Army has become more in focus with the final saga of the series as not only did fans get to find out that Sabo was successful in his rescue of Kuma from the government during the events of the Reverie, but his daughter turned out to be fellow member of the Worst Generation, Jewelry Bonney, who got separated after trying to save him at Reverie. Now the manga has them on a major collision course type of reunion if the newest cliffhanger is anything to go by. 

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What is Happening to Kuma in One Piece's Final Saga? 

Chapter 1067 of One Piece sees Bonney trying to threaten Vegapunk for what he's done with her father, but is unsuccessful as the weapon she used to threaten him was actually untested and came with a powerful setback. But the real interesting kicker here is that Kuma himself seems to somehow be reacting to his daughter on the other side of the world. As the chapter comes to an end, and fans get a new look at Kamabakka Island, the Kuma rescued from the government begins to move. 

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The rest of the army are trying to get him to stop moving as he's no longer supposed to have a will of his own, but they believe they want him to stay in order to help with their revolutionary efforts like the fighter had done before these terrible experiments. But it seems like something in him is compelling him to move, and if it's not the government, it might be that final human part of himself that wants to connect with his daughter. 

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