One Piece Reveals the Real Reason Ohara Was Destroyed

One Piece has been making its way through the first major arc of the final saga of the series, and the newest chapter of the series has dug into the ugly realities of why Ohara was wiped off the map! The final saga of the series has truly lived up to its moniker as the latest chapter have begun revealing some of the biggest mysteries of the manga overall that fans have been asking about for a long time. Thanks to Dr. Vegapunk's arrival, now even more of the truths behind it all have started to come to life as the Straw Has learn more about their world's mysterious history.

Dr. Vegapunk's introduction to the Straw Hat crew came with more of the reveal about the workings of his laboratory, and he previously revealed that Egghead itself was actually an island from years in the past despite it being so futuristic. As Nico Robin connects the dots about the island being in existence during the mysterious Void Century, Dr. Vegapunk explains that the Ohara was actually destroyed because they found out secrets about a mysterious kingdom during this era and it was something the World Government wouldn't allow it. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What Happened to Ohara? 

As far as fans have seen about Ohara before, Nico Robin was the final survivor as a Buster Call was called on them for something they had discovered during their research. As Vegapunk explains in Chapter 1066 of One Piece, the scientist actually went to the ruins of the former research haven following the Marines' attack and pieced together their theory about an ancient kingdom that was so advanced that 20 other kingdoms formed together to eliminate it. 

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This became the history of the Void Century as the World Government was eventually formed out of the 20 kingdoms, and thus they ensured no one would be able to tap into this ancient kingdom's ideals by wiping out anyone with knowledge on it. When Ohara was destroyed, Vegapunk realized that their theory on this kingdom was true and after finding all of the books Ohara's researchers managed to save he's now singlehandedly trying to continue their research by any means necessary. 

So while this is the most horrible part of Robin's history, at least Vegapunk was able to confirm that their research was not only correct, but is being carried on. How do you feel about learning more about Ohara in One Piece's final saga? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!