One Piece Details Dr. Vegapunk's Devil Fruit Ability

One Piece has officially introduced the real Dr. Vegapunk to the series after showing off his many clones in the previous chapters, and the newest chapter of the series has actually explained the Devil Fruit ability that allows him to split himself up across his island! Luffy and the Straw Hats' first major island in the final saga of the long running series brought them to Dr. Vegapunk's island laboratory, and the previous chapters of the series have been exploring how the often named scientist forged all of the weapons fans have seen in action from the Marines so far.

The latest string of chapters had been spent introduced the six satellites that Dr. Vegapunk had transferred his mind into to properly experiment across his island, but at the same time, fans got a look at the real Vegapunk and realized he was much different than the clones he had made. Sporting a massive head that continued to take in as much knowledge he desired, it turns out that this is a result of his Devil Fruit, the Brain-Brain Fruit. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What is Dr. Vegapunk's Devil Fruit Power? 

Chapter 1067 of One Piece picks up shortly after the real Dr. Vegapunk introduced himself to Luffy, Jewelry Bonney, Jimbei and Chopper, and Bonney asks him about the fact that he no longer has the massive head he did before. Compared to the look he sported in the Ohara flashback before, his now apple inspired head seemed to be missing a massive piece. It's here that Vegapunk explains that he cut it because it was getting to be a giant's height. 

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It's a result of the Brain-Brain Fruit, which was turned him into a Brain-Man. He can store all kinds of knowledge and information without any limits, but his brain physically grows the more he learns. His brain has gotten so big at this point that at the center of the island, he's placed it as a sort of record bank that continues to gain knowledge the more his clones work across the island. It's a wild ability for sure, but definitely not the most surprising we've seen. 

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