One Piece Awakens Law to a New Power

One Piece awakened Law to a surprising new Devil Fruit power with the newest chapter of the series! As the War on Onigashima quickly reaches its climax, the final fights of the Wano Country arc are being set into place as not only Luffy is now in the middle of his third round against Kaido at the top of the Skull Dome, but the other Emperor is being occupied as well. When we had last seen Big Mom, Law and Kidd were holding her back but were both struggling against her overwhelming strength. 

As the two of them keep fighting in the newest chapter of the series, it's soon revealed that this fight has pushed them so far to the edge that Law has pushed his Devil Fruit to the next level and reached his awakened power. Although it's soon revealed that he's been holding this new ability back, the newest chapter of the series reveals that Law has a powerful new ability at his disposal that sends a shockwave into other objects known as "Kroom" rather than separating and swapping objects like his "Room" ability. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1030 of the series sees Law and Kid continuing to struggle against Big Mom, and a flashback between the two of them reveals that they had been making a plan in secret. Law reveals that his Devil Fruit powers have indeed awakened, but he's also not used to using the ability just yet. He says he'll do it if he's got no other options left because it consumes a great deal of his stamina. Using the ability without a real plan would mean the fight is over for him, so he and Kid decide to use their abilities for one final gambit against Big Mom. 

Using "Kroom," Law coats his sword in Anesthesia, and it pierces straight through Big Mom's chest. Law reveals that this part of the attack doesn't do anything, but instead Kroom shocks from within so it sends an electrical current through the Emperor's body. It goes to show that the other members of the Worst Generation are evolving just as much as Luffy is through this war, and it's clear that after it's all over the power dynamic is going to change in some dramatic ways. 

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