One Piece Stirs Fans with Law x Robin Flashback

One Piece has been around for nearly 1,000 chapters now, but there are still tons of questions the series has yet to answer. From its fabled treasure to the hidden identity of Luffy's mom, the seafaring story has a lot to answer for before it can end. Of course, one such question that needs to be addressed regards the Will of D, and a flashback featuring Nico Robin has fans eyeing Trafalgar Law closely.

The situation went down in chapter 996 of One Piece. Fans kept up with Luffy as he continued his fight to reach Kaido while the rest of the Straw Hats fought their own wars. It was towards the end that Law came into the picture, and fans were told about a moment he had with Robin awhile back.

one piece robin law

The flashback was very short, but it saw Law tell Robin about his full name. The heroine was surprised to hear he also bore the middle initial, and it turns out Law confessed his secret to Robin in hopes of learning about his name's history.

"Yes, and that means betaing the four emperors. Not that they'll make it easy," Robin told the captain.


Unfortunately, Law did not find the Red Stone he needs to help unravel the secret while exploring Kaido's base. In his final shot of chapter 996, Law promises Cora that he will discover the true meaning behind his name, so it seems he is taking the Will of D more seriously than Luffy does. If anyone can get Law answers on the topic, it would be Robin thanks to her historical know-how. And should that happen to bolster the characters' popular ship, well - that is up to the fandom.

What do you make of this One Piece flashback? Do you foresee any future missions happening with these two pirates? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.