One Piece Reveals Law's Important New Goal

One Piece has juggled around tons of heroes over the years, and fans have grown attached to Trafalgar Law in particular. The captain may not be part of the Straw Hats, but his alliance with Luffy has made him a favorite with fans. Of course, fans are also curious about the secret behind Law's middle name, and it seems like the man has decided to seek out answers about the Will of D.

Recently, One Piece got fans buzzing when its latest chapter went live. It was there fans checked in on Law as the captain found himself face-to-face with a poneglyph. The tablet is one of several which tell the tale of history before the World Government came to be. And after speaking with Robin, Law is determined to figure out how his middle name ties in with that forgotten history.


"Hey, Cora. I've made up my mind. I want to know the meaning of this checkered fate," Law tells himself as he stands before the engraved tablet.

As for what Law will uncover in his mission, there is no telling. The Will of D was mentioned a long time ago by Kureha, and it has been expanded upon in a few ways. Robin has been seeking the truth about the Will of D for ages, and she is determined to discover it for herself. As for characters like Silvers Rayleigh, they have learned the secret, but the pirates did so back in the wild Void Century.


Currently, there is no rhyme or reason to having the middle name, but everyone who has bore the title is certainly dangerous. After all, Luffy and Ace have wielded the middle name. They are joined by others like Jaguar Saul, Marshall Teach, Gol Roger, Monkey Dragon, and more. The exclusive club is certainly one to keep an eye on, and if Law is lucky, he will discover the truth behind the Will of D soon.

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