'One Piece' Nearly Brought Ace Back For One Heartbreaking Reunion

There are a lot of things in One Piece for fans to laugh over, but there are also plenty of sob-worthy stories. Over the years, Eiichiro Oda has made fans chuckle and cry alongside the Straw Hat crew, but few things have stung as badly as Ace’s dour fate. So, maybe it is a good thing Oda has let the pirate rest in peace undisturbed.

After all, One Piece had plans at one point to bring Portgas D. Ace for a postmortem romp - well, sort of.

Though it may not be canon, One Piece has a very popular live-action stage show over in Japan. The performance is held at the Tokyo Tower where fans can go experience all things One Piece, and its original story intended to bring back Ace in a worthy heart-wrenching scene.

Recently, a fan-translator on Twitter known as Sandman shared notes about the live-action attraction. After visiting the One Piece Tower in Tokyo, the fan summarized information in the manga’s 33rd volume which was distributed at the locale. It is there fans can read up on Ace’s would-be return.

Apparently, the original script did see Ann bring back Ace with her Bijo Bijo no Mi powers. The diva has the ability to create illusions of people, and she does exercise that power in the stage play. The script’s draft saw Ann offer to conjure up Ace for Luffy, and the captain says yes. The two then fight for a moment before Luffy “cries loudly with joy that he can meet him again.”


The idea was ultimately shot down by Oda as the stage play continued. The creator wanted to keep Ace out of the story, but Luffy does feel the other man’s presence. At one point, Oda wanted Luffy to feel as if someone assisted him during a battle. The younger pirate lets the idea go soon enough, but Oda makes it clear that it was Ace backing up Luffy during the climatic battle.

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