One Piece: Luffy Actors All Over Unite To Celebrate Captain Of The Straw Hats

Today marks the birthday of none other than one of the biggest heroes in the world of Shonen anime [...]

Today marks the birthday of none other than one of the biggest heroes in the world of Shonen anime in Monkey D. Luffy from Eiichiro Oda's epic series, One Piece, and the voice actors for the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates have gathered to show off their talents while wishing the would-be king of the pirates the happiest of birthdays. With One Piece first premiering as a manga series in 1997 as an entry within the publication of Weekly Shonen Jump, Luffy has experienced countless adventures and battles on his journey to explore the Grand Line and discover Gol D. Roger's treasure.

Currently, One Piece is dedicating time to one of the biggest storylines in the history of the series, The Wano Arc, which sees Luffy and his crew entering into an isolated nation that is ruled with an iron fist by the likes of the nefarious Shogun Orochi and the captain of the Beast Pirates, Kaido. With the Straw Hats taking on new outfits to help them blend into the feudalistic Japan aesthetic of the country, they have been experiencing the fight of their lives against several different threats that have been presented to Monkey and his fellow swashbucklers.

Twitter User New World Artur shared the message that was sent by a number of voice actors that bring Luffy to life in One Piece across the world, proving that it takes a lot of "cooks in the kitchen" when it comes to translating Shonen to the globe:

Ironically enough, One Piece isn't the only anime property with a birthday for one of its biggest characters as Hunter x Hunter's leading man, Gon also shared the same day of birth with the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Though there hasn't been an official crossover between Luffy and Gon and their respective casts of Shonen characters, they can both be found in the crossover fighting game of Jump Force that brought together countless members of the Shonen community.

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