One Piece Kicks Off Luffy's Prison Escape Attempt

One Piece's anime has finally returned from its COVID-19 pandemic hiatus, and Luffy is now tired [...]

One Piece's anime has finally returned from its COVID-19 pandemic hiatus, and Luffy is now tired of waiting and has decided to take his prison escape into his own hands. When Luffy lost his fight against Kaido and was imprisoned within Udon Prison, he decided to use that opportunity to bide his time and wait for Raizo to steal a set of keys. Even with all of that in place, Luffy is feeling an even greater urgency to escape seeing just how terribly the prisoners have been treated.

This especially came into play with the latest episode of the series which saw Luffy put a huge target on his back when he decides to save an old man that he's become fond of. But with the danger and stakes now raised after defending this man so publicly, Luffy decided that enough was enough and now decided to kick off his prison break.

Episode 930 of the series saw Luffy save Hyo, and also introduced the final member of the Lead Performers of the Beasts Pirates, Queen. Queen decided to hold a performance for himself as soon as he made it to Udon, and Luffy used this as the distraction he needed to slip away with Hyo holding onto his back. What's even more hilarious about this is that his escape attempt was caught onto almost immediately.

One Piece Luffy Prison Escape Attempt Wano Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

As Queen spoke to Udon's Warden about the problems currently facing the prison, and along with the news that Eustass Kid had escaped, Queen was given the news that Luffy is currently in the middle of his. Shortly after, Luffy was seen climbing the side of the prison's walls in the hopes that he would make his way out of the pit in time to escape. But his climbing is being held back by his Sea Prism Stone cuffs.

Luffy also mentioned that because of the cuffs he's having trouble using his Haki, so hopefully his new muscled up form will be enough to help him make it out. But it's not looking very likely by the end of the Episode 930. But what do you think? Do you think Luffy will be able to make his escape with Hyo? Will Luffy be caught by one of Queen's underlings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!