One Piece Explains the Truth Behind Oden's Shocking Comeback

One Piece explained the truth behind Oden Kozuki's shocking comeback with the newest chapter of [...]

One Piece explained the truth behind Oden Kozuki's shocking comeback with the newest chapter of the series! As fans of the anime adaptation are currently finding out, Oden Kozuki is not only one of the most important figures in Wano Country's past but the past of the entire franchise as well. The legendary figure led quite the legendary life, and this is especially true in death as his fate was sealed through an execution in which he was able to save the lives of his vassals in a final moment of heroism. At least, that's what the thought was.

The previous chapter of the series surprised the Akazaya Nine and fans of the series by seemingly bringing back Oden Kozuki 20 years after his death. Fan theories began to swirl about what this return meant for Oden and the past events of the series, but now all of those theories can be put to be bed as Chapter 1008 of the series has explained the reason behind his "revival." Unfortunately, it's not as wild of an explanation as many were hoping for.

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Chapter 1008 of the series picks up immediately after Oden's reveal as he continues to tell the Akazaya Nine that he has been brought back with Toki's time travelling power, and they are overjoyed at the idea. But before he can lead them back into battle, Ashura Doji claims this Oden is a fake. Knowing what Toki once said about the truth of the past never being able to be changed, and Oden's death could never be overturned in such a way.

Doji then strikes Oden, and it passes right through. They wanted this to be Oden, and realize that the only one who could copy his mannerisms so perfectly was Kanjuro, who had spent that same amount of time together with him as they had. So unfortunately, Oden's return was not a new Devil Fruit power or time travel shenanigans, but was instead Kanjuro using his painting skills once more to trick them.

Controlling this painting remotely, it's revealed that Kanjuro had strapped dynamite to this Oden copy and it blows up with Ashura jumping on top of it to save the others. It's not looking good for Ashura, but now the Akazaya Nine have a new target in place as they have to take down Kanjuro after his heinous trick. But what did you think of this explanation for Oden's return?

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