One Piece Reveals Poster for Wano's Anime Climax

It seems we have entered the homestretch, guys. If you did not know, the One Piece anime has been working through its Wano saga for more than a year, and it is still not done. Things are heating up these days on screen thanks to Kaido and Luffy, but no climax has come for the big storyline just yet. It won't be long before that climax arrives though, and One Piece is now hyping its debut with a new poster.

As you can see below, One Piece released a new poster for its Wano saga, and the artwork is gorgeous. The spread hones in on Wano as Luffy's top fighters gather around with their powers intact. Of course, Luffy is the most prominent figure here to the right as he's wielding a haki-infused fist. And judging by his comrades, the rest of the team is ready to go.

After all, Eustass Kid is seen center stage here with a big piece of tech covering an arm. He is joined by Trafalgar Law here as the deadly surgeon is wielding his legendary sword as usual.

Of course, For is also armed to the teeth. The man who invested the Three Sword Style looks terrifying in this poster, but that is because he is in his element. Even Sanji looks nonplussed by the growing war as he coats a leg in Haki. This entire group looks ready to throw down at the word go, and we know their enemies are just as eager to battle.

Currently, the One Piece anime does not have a set date for Wano's climax, but Luffy is working towards it by the week. If we had to guess, we're sure the hero's big fight with Kaido will drop no later than this fall. So if you need to catch up with the Wano saga, you can binge One Piece on Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and more. As for the One Piece manga, the series is still being worked on by creator Eiichiro Oda. The series entered its final act a few months back, and One Piece's most recent arc brought Luffy and Dr. Vegapunk together. You can catch up with the entire series on Manga Plus or through the Shonen Jump app but be warned! There are well over 1000 chapters of One Piece  to binge already!

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